Introduction: Makey Makey and the Tech Deck

If your students enjoy using the Tech Deck then this is a project for your class. We combined Scratch programming and converted a Tech Deck to use with the Makey Makey to make an engaging project. Students learned about physical computing and enjoyed every step of the process.


  1. Makey Makey Kit
  2. Alligator clips included in the MakeyMakey Kit
  3. Tape: copper, clear, masking, and hot glue
  4. Tin foil
  5. Dowel (any size)
  6. 8x12 piece of cardboard (any size available)
  7. Popsicle sticks
  8. Tech Deck
  9. Scratch account

Links to the Scratch projects:

  1. Skate 1:
  2. Skate 2:

Step 1: Create the Scratch Projects

First, the students coded their projects and then the physical controllers were created.

Skate 1:

Skate 2:

Step 2: Preparing the Rails

The popsicle sticks provided the base for the rails and the students used hot glue to create the rail. After the rail was created, they used copper tape to cover the exposed areas.

Step 3: Preparing the Tech Deck

Students put copper tape on the bottom and the top of the board to create a complete circuit.

Step 4: Creating a Bracelet for Earth/Ground

The students created a bracelet and attached it to earth/ground on the Makey Makey

Step 5: Putting It All Together

The rails were attached to a large piece of cardboard and they covered it with aluminum foil to increase the size of their skate park. This project required many iterations as sometimes they had to fix the code and sometimes they fixed the physical skate park. They enjoyed every minute of this process as they were able to extend their passion with the Tech Deck.

If you improved on this project and/or if you made one, please let us know.

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