Introduction: Making Cold Brew Coffee With a French Press

After years of spending money on expensive coffee from Starbucks, I finally realized that I could save money by learning how to make the coffee I liked at home. By just buying a French press, coffee grinder, and some Starbucks coffee beans, I was able to get my caffeine fix while still staying on a budget.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

You will need:

-A French Press

-Coarsely Ground Coffee or Coffee Beans and a Grinder

-A Measuring Cup


-A Pitcher or Container

I didn't originally have a bean grinder or a French press so I ordered them off of Amazon. The bean grinder is a basic Hamilton Beach grinder which was about twelve dollars. The brand of the French press is a Bodum which was ten dollars. It was labeled specifically for cold brew coffee; however, it doesn't differ much from other French presses I have seen and it holds 1.5 liters.

Step 2: Grind the Beans

If you already have coarsely ground coffee, you can skip this step. For a full 1.5 liters, I use a cup of whole beans. I then put the beans in the grinder and pulse the grinder for a second about four or five times. Cold brew coffee requires coarsely ground beans so it's important to check the consistency of them before putting them into the press. Above I've posted a picture of what coarsely ground beans look like.

Step 3: Put Coffee Beans Into French Press

The French press has a screen that will help filter out the coffee so be sure to remove the screen before adding the beans. Once the beans are added to the bottom of the French press, replace the screen and lid and put them on top of the grounds.

Step 4: Add Water

Once you've replaced the filter, fill up the press with cold water. Then put the cover on the press.

Step 5: Place Coffee in Fridge

Put the cold brew coffee in the fridge and let it sit for 12-24 hours. I tend to like my coffee a bit stronger, so I usually let my batches sit for closer to the 24 hour mark, but this is all up to personal preference.

Step 6: Filter Out Coffee Grounds

Once you have let the coffee steep for the desired amount of time, pour the coffee into a second container in order to filter out the coffee grounds at the bottom of the French press. If you wish to return coffee to French press, thoroughly rinse it out before returning the filtered coffee.

Step 7: Pour Coffee & Add Flavoring

Once the coffee is filtered, pour yourself a glass of cold brew coffee.

Optional: Flavor to your liking. I usually add some ice, caramel flavoring and almond milk to mine.