Introduction: Making Salad From the Weeds in Your Garden.

Weeds can be nutritious and tasty. Make sure you wash them well. Slugs and snails could have been on them or even bird droppings. Slugs and snails carry really bad parasites.

Step 1: Pulling Weeds and Saving Them.

When you pull your weeds keep a bag close to put them in. You will need to refrigerate them as soon as possible, they wilt very fast. once in the refrigerator they will last for days.

Step 2: Be Certain You Know the Plant Is Safe to Eat.

Make sure you have properly identified the plant before you eat it. Some plants are very piosonous. If in doubt don't eat it.

Step 3: The First Weed Is My Favorite. It Is Called Purslane. It Is Very Nutritious.

Purslane is very tasty and very nutritious. High in Omega 3s.

Step 4: This Is My Second Favorite Weed It Is Called Lambs Quarters.

Lambs Quarters is very nutritious also. It has a mild grassy flavor to me.

Step 5: Dandelion Is Very Good for the Renal System.

Dandelion is best when picked young. The older it gets the more bitter it gets. Someone in a previous post said dandelion contains latex. So if you are allergic to latex you may want to avoid dandelion.

Step 6: Chickweed Is Tasty, I Love the Flavor.

Chickweed is high in vitamin C. You don't want to eat too much because it is high in oxilic acid.

Step 7: Sour Laurel Some Call It Wood Laurel

Sour Laurel like Chickweed is also high in vitamin C and is also high in oxalic acid. Some greens you get from the store are high in oxalic acid so this isn't unusual.

Step 8: Another One of My Favorites Plantain.

Plantain has kind of a sweet taste. Make sure the leaves are smooth. The leaves that are fuzzy have a bitter taste.

Step 9: Add Toppings and Enjoy.

I have found the greens from my yard or garden are much tastier then the greens from a store. Always make sure no chemicals have been used in the areas that you forage your greens from.