Introduction: Making Shakshuka

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We are Making Shakshuka! Making Shakshuka!

I picked this dish up traveling Morocco in 2009. It's a classic middle eastern dish and perfect for a bountiful summer harvest. Here I've paired or 'fused' shakshuka with a couple of our favorites. Spicy Burgers, Ricotta and Ramen.

Step 1: Tomatoes

Straight from the garden. Roma plants produce and we've been looking for uses in addition to sauce.

Saute over medium/high heat with onions, salt, spice.

Spice List

---i've tried to provide the lowest cost links I could find. I see no difference in quality between brands for these spices... if you have a discount priced lower please share and I'll updated. I am not always going with the largest size as some are simple too much for domestic use.

Step 2: Burger Option

Not a traditional ingredient but one that adds a lot of flavor. These burgers were flavored with a homemade chili oil.

---note that I'm cooking in a wok.. Really any pan will to but I tend to prefer an enamel pan or wok (my 12" wok). Cast iron (my 10" cast iron) is what we typically use for any dish that isn't a tomato base. The acid in the tomatoes removes the cast iron finish and lead to sticking.

Step 3: Eggs + Ricotta

Eggs are cracked straight into the tomato mix. Stir the whites to break them and incorporate the whites into the whole sauce. Otherwise the eggs simply poach.

Cheese is another non-traditional ingredient. Ricotta goes perfectly with this dish and can get mixed in with the eggs.

----straight from the coop. Our ladies lay eggs with a beautiful orange yoke. See our backyard coop.

Step 4: Ramen + Cover

Crushed ramen over the top. Simply spread the ramen and allow the 2-4 min.

Step 5: Serve + Enjoy!

Shakshuka is delicious! It's easy to prepare on a stove top and picks up flavor the same way as a quiche or frittata.

Hope you enjoy this simple dish!

Thanks, Jeff

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