Introduction: Making Simple Monkeybot Moving on the String

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Really in this instructables we will now how to make monkeybot moving on the string
This a monkeybot was made and assembled by vara, bintang and namira.We are 11 old as the student of alfalah darussalam elementary school at east Java Indonesia.

Step 1: Prepare Some of the Following Tools:

Prepare some of the following tools:
a 40 watt electric soldering
1 tin solder
a glue gun
a scissor plate
1 ctting pliers
a vacuum tin
etc as seen in the picture

Step 2: Prepare Some of the Following:

Prepare some of the following:
Two 18 cm long aluminum plate
2 7 cm long aluminum plate
2 pieces of PVC plastic 3 cm x 6 cm
2 switch small
1st place two rechargeable batteries
A dynamo plus gearbox
2 pieces of plastic wheels
2 pieces of bolts and nuts 3 cm
etc. as shown in the picture

Step 3:

Here is video of the Simple Monkeybot Running on the string :

Step 4: Make Two Arms of Monkeybot

Make two long aluminum plate like the letter j, then a hole pierced cm.Both plastic wheels on the opposite side of the one above and one below,glue the PVC plate on right side and left side of black battery place.Replace the gearbox on it.Replace two long almunium plate on rigth side and left side of it also.

Step 5: The Last Manuveur

Replace the switcher and wheels rotation changer on it,and then try your own monkeybot on the string.

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