Introduction: Making a Bottle Cap Necklace As Group Activity

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I am one of those people who has worked with tweens and teens as a Sunday School Teacher, Bible School Teacher, Former Librarian and an aunt. I love setting up group activities and watching young people work on their projects in a community environment.

So here is a helpful craft if you are a Bible School teacher who needs a last minute craft because that craft you thought would last all week fell a little short, a teen librarian who wants to add a simple activity to you maker group, an art teacher who wants to do a jewelry project for class, a 4-H leader, camp activity director who needs to do a craft activity or an aunt who wants to have a creative day with your nieces.

The main thing to remember is have fun, oh and cover your work surface. Now, lets get started.

Step 1: What You Will Need...

So here is the general shopping list you will need for this project:

Step 2: Pick Your Color

After you table is covered because this could be a rather messy project, set your beads out for the creative little hands to begin exploring. Seed beads are relatively inexpensive, so my suggestion is to have several colors available. It allows them to express their individuality and it is easier for them to identify the necklace that belongs to them. The reason this is important is that this project will require dry time in a stationary, flat location.

Once they have chosen their beads and bottle cap they simply add the beads to the bottle cap. They can put as few or as many as they would like for their desired effect. They can even mix bead colors if they want, it is their project and there is really no right or wrong.

Step 3: Adding the Modge Podge

I personally like the Modge Podge Dimensional Magic because it will seep down into the beads and once the project has dried, they will have texture to their finished project. There is a tip on the bottle to allow the flow of the Modge Podge. You can share the bottle among the participants, this will also create a bonding time for them and allow them to study how the others approach adding the liquid. Advise them that it will be incredibly easy to overflow the cap and it could cause a problem with cleaning up the back of the project and possible adhering to the table.

When adding the Modge Podge to this project bubbles are possible. Now, I like bubbles as much as anybody only not in the projects I am working on. An easy way to remove these bubbles is with a plastic knife, coffee stirrer or toothpick.

Once the modge podge has been added, it is now a waiting game. It will require at least 24 hours dry time for it to set up.

Step 4: Adding the Finding to the Back...

*** Just a note - Modge Podge did not change the color of the beads, for the sake of time, I photographed a finished piece for this step.

Once the piece is sufficiently dried, you can add many different types of backing to run the ribbon or cord through. For the purposed of giving it that industrial look, I chose to show a washer. These can be purchased at your local hardware store for cheap.

Now you will need your handy dandy and in my case well wrinkled and well used tube of E6000. Just like to old dippity doo commercial "a little dab will do you". The best way to spread the glue would be by using a craft stick. Simply spread the glue onto the washer and place the washer on the back of the bottle cap. The good thing about this project is the bottle cap is round so there really is no center, as long as the place the washer slightly above the outer edge, they should be golden.

Step 5: Adding That Finishing Touch...

Now you have your bottle cap pendant but how are you going to display it??? Have a variety of cords and ribbons to for them to choose from. Here are but a few examples for you to choose from but there are oh so many more.

This will be a great project for all sized groups and you will be surprised how much fun they will have doing this simple jewelry project.

Thanks for reading this instructable. If you choose to do it with your group, I would love to see your images of what these young, creative thinkers can come up with.

If you are interested in what I am working on, here is a link to my website.... (yes, it is a shameless plug as well as a chance for feedback from other creative folks.


Step 6:

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