Introduction: Making a Dust Extractor Cover for My Disc Sander

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If your following this series this is part 3 of making a 12 inch 300mm disc sander,in this Instructable using the laminated "U" shape to make a hood for dust extraction.

Step 1: Cleaning Up the Back Panel

I laminated the shape of the disc and made the dust cover out of recycled materials and painted it green to match the lathe. i started by laminating the cowl out of MDF and hot glued it to a back panel that i had cut a hole for the spindle to come through i also cut a bent shape to fit round the motor after hot gluing various pieces of wood to the back panel and used a heavy gauge bottle to make the shape that fit over the lathe bed then I took the assembly of the lathe and trimmed the excess off on the bandsaw before flush trimming it on the router.

Step 2: Screwing the Back Panel

After trimming I drilled and screwed the back panel on to the cowl laminate

Step 3: Securing the Hood to the Lathe

The headstock had a pre-existing hole so i tapped a tread in it after making sure that it was safe to do so.then attached a grooved piece of wood to the headstock with a machine screw,

I fitted another piece of groved wood on top of the first piece and temporally hot glued the back to it before securing it with screws I also added the same to the bottom of the lathe pedestal.

Step 4: Dust Extractor Hood Front

I cut a hole in the side with a 35mm hole saw for the Vac fitting and planed the front down so it was 2mm behind the disc and secured the front on with 2 coach bolts and wing nuts,

The front needs to come off to fix the disc on the spindle.

Step 5: Testing the Extraction

I fitted the shop vac and sanded down a couple of pieces of wood there was no visible dust coming of the disc and very little in the bottom of the extractor when i took the front off.

For a more comprehensive view please check out my youtube video