Introduction: Making a Hoverboard From Junk

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Glad to say that's the 42nd structure by make it extreme! For this structure we were inspired from many videos uploaded on youtube where people use hover boards for entertainment.

Step 1: Materials

Our aim was to make a hoverboard using the parts of an old gym piece of equipment as well as other recycled and reused materials. We took a 300w motor and the electronic parts out of the gym piece of equipment so the motor would be able to perform correctly! The next stage was to make an axle, using the lathe, where we put two old tires from a crashed four wheeler. Then we placed the electronic parts the motor and the wheels on a metal frame and the hoverboard started getting shape. We used a belt to connect the wheels to the motor and that's how we achieved movement using electricity. Here came the issue!! We had to use a 12v battery to a 240v structure! This issue was solved using an inverter, which was the only piece we had to buy, once we didn't own one. Then we placed a metal sheet on the board in order to be able to stand on.

Step 2: Dimensions

We initially believed that it would be easy to keep our balance without the use of a gyroscope sensor but when tried, that was extremely difficult. So we 've placed a small wheel behind the wheels in the center and the balance was achieved!!Using the hoverboard, we noted another serious disadvantage which was the missing of breaks!

It's dimensions are 110cm x 32cm.

It is undoubtedly one of the most extreme hoverboards ever made!!

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Metal Contest 2016