Introduction: Making a Kayaking Folding Knife

Hi there,

Welcome to this advanced series on how to make a folding knife, specifically designed for kayaking. Why kayaking? Because it is a sport where you can roll your boat and then you'll need to get out or you''l drown. Having a knife where you don't stab your leg is mandatory. This video is the short summary. In the next video's we'll explain design, shaping, setting the knife lock and anodizing titanium!

Step 1: Designing a Knife

In this video I explain the design portion of the knife.

Step 2: Shaping and Grinding the Frames

Most of the frames have been water jet, but grinding the backspacer can be a challenge.

Step 3: Setting the Knife Lock

A locking knife is crucial. See in the video how you can set the lock!

Step 4: Annodizing

Here I show the anodizing proces. Very important for finishing a piece like this.

I hope the films were helpful!


Step 5:

Step 6: Finished Result

Please behold the finished result! The Gersika kayaking folding knife by Emergo Designs

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