Making a Popsicle Stick House (movie + Pictures)




Introduction: Making a Popsicle Stick House (movie + Pictures)

Making a house with popsicle stick is a cheap and inexpensive way to amuse kids. You can give your child some popsicle sticks and ask him, build a house with his imagination.

Note - In this tutorial, thermal glue and scissors have been used, so, the child should get help from parents or adults to make this craft.


Large popsicle stick: 52 pieces

Small popstick: 3 pieces

Hot glue



Toothpick: two pieces


Building a house with ice cream sticks

Step 1: Building Walls

First, put six popsicle sticks together. Next, measure two popsicle sticks with a pencil and cut them with scissors. These two popsicle sticks should be equal to your favorite wall.

Now, with hot glue, stick these two popsicle sticks to the bottom and middle of the wall.

Repeat this for other three walls of house.

For front and back walls of the house, Mark walls from 4 cm distance and cut them in the angular form.

For lateral walls of the house, Mark walls from 4 cm distance cut them in the straight form.

Now paste walls together with hot glue.

Step 2: Building Roof

Then, for making the roof of the house, choose a paper with a length of 8 popsicle sticks, and a width of one popsicle stick.

Now, according to the slope of the gable roof, cut the edge of 16 popsicle sticks to the same size.

In the next step, stick 8 popsicle sticks on each side of the paper.

For beauty, you can cut the edges of 4 popsicle sticks to the same size and stick them to the top of the roof. Therefore, the upper part of the roof will be completely covered. Now, stick the roof with hot glue.

Step 3: Make Doors and Windows

You can make doors and windows for your home or paint it with gouache.

To build a door, paste 3 popsicle sticks together.

To build a window, Cut two toothpicks equally and paint them with gouache. After drying, stick them to the wall of the house with hot glue.

You can paint the house with gouache in the desired color to make it more beautiful.

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    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    15 days ago

    This is a cute little house :)


    Reply 15 days ago

    thank you