Making a Simple 2WD Rover Using an Arduino

Introduction: Making a Simple 2WD Rover Using an Arduino

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We continue our robotics adventures by making use of the theory that we learnt last week and building a simple 2WD rover using an Arduino.

Step 1: Watch the Video

The video above goes over everything you need to build this simple rover. This post will only provide the wiring diagram and sketch for you to use.

Step 2: Wire Up the Rover

You can use the wiring diagram above to connect everything together. Keep in mind that you may have to swap the motor wires if the motor rotates in the opposite direction. Please watch the video to learn more.

Step 3: Upload the Sketch

The Arduino Nano needs to be programmed in order for the rover to function. I have written a simple motor/rover driver library that can be used for your projects. You can download the library along with a demo file using the link below:

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