Introduction: Making a Simple Robot Out of Things You Can Find in Your House (hotwheel Version)

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This Instructable will show you how to make a hotwheel that goes by itself that runs on double-A batteries. You will only need to use things you can most likely find in your house. Please note that this robot will probably not go exactly straight, and it will probably turn a lot because only one of the wheels is being moved.


you will need:

an old hotwheel brand toy car (preferably one with a more flat surfaced top.)

a glue gun

a small motor, you can find them in old broken remote control toys or spin art machines.

some wiring, make sure it is small and safe please

gears, if you got the motor from a remote control toy you should be able to find 2 more small gears to use from it that are compatible with the motor, if not you can get them from an old clock or maybe a pull back and go toy.

1 double-A battery

a batterybox, maybe you can get one from a remote control toy, if not there should be another instructable I made on how to make a batbox. If that is not out when you are reading this, you could get a batbox on amazon or other online shopping sites such as radio shack.

tape (optional)

Step 1: Glue Gears Onto the Back Wheels

This step is very simple. all you have to do is hot-glue with the glue gun 2 of the larger gears you chose onto the back wheels. 1 of the gears should have ridges facing up when you set it down instead of to the side, but this is optional if you cannot find any like this, you can make it work either way. The reason you put an identical or almost identical gear on the other wheel that you will not be using is because you need all the wheels to be level.

Step 2: Attach Batbox to Top of Car

Put a battery in the batbox, and attach it to the top of the car using hot-glue. Then if you decided to use tape tape it around the whole car too. make sure you attach it so that the wires/wire outlets are facing towards the back of the car.

Step 3: Attach Motor

If you have a gear with the ridges facing the opposite way than they usually do, then attach the motor using hot-glue to the side of the batbox in a way that the gear can move the other one (see picture). If you do not have a gear like this, simply attach the motor to the top of the car in a way it can still move the gear.

Step 4: Connect It All With Wiring

Connect wiring, by attaching wires to the batbox if it doesn't have them already, and same for the motor. You can use glue as long as the metal is still touching, and make sure to attach black to black and red to red. If they came with wires attached, (which they probably did), then use hot-glue to attach the wires, as long as the metal is still touching. IMPORTANT NOTE: make sure to pick it up and test it while you are holding the wires together before you glue the wires so that you can make sure that it is positive to positive and negative to negative. If It does not work the first time try switching the wires. If the motor had wires attached and the batbox was not the one in my other instructable (it may not be out yet while you are reading this), it was a batbox from something, then it should have wires too. This makes it easy for you because you can attach red to red and black to black.

Step 5: Finished Product

Your finished project should look something like the image attached to the step. If you flip the switch on the batbox it will turn on and start rolling! If it is not working, try switching the wires attached to each other to make sure its positive to positive and negative to negative.

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