Introduction: Making a Skateboard on Tinkercad

Open up Tinkercad and login or create an account to get started.

Step 1: Drag a Box Onto the Workspace

It's as easy as any dragging objects across any desktop. We first start with a box, and make it rectangular to form the body of the skateboard.

Step 2: Forming the Front and Back Sides

We use the Round Roof shape to form flattened shapes and scale it down to match the rectangular shape's width.

Step 3: Tilting the Edges

Here I've shown you before and after: The top shape consists of the main body + the top and bottom shapes. I've tilted then 9° away from the ground (to allow the skateboarder to do stunts in real life). Following which in the bottom fused shape, you can see I've grouped (Ctrl +G) the 3 shapes to form one solid shape. I've also flattened it a bit to suit the aerodynamic features of professional skateboards.

Step 4: Wheels and Grip

I've now used the tube shape and created wheels. It's easy if you create one wheel and then use the duplicate and repeat feature (Ctrl + D) to make more wheels. It's better to do it this way as you'll then have similar wheels, and won't have to adjust the size of each wheel individually.

Now that we've got the wheels, I used the roof shape and really made it narrow + hollow and placed it on top of the skateboard. Since I wanted the grips to be similar, I just duplicated the shape and added 5 each to the top and bottom sides. Following which I grouped all the shapes together.

Step 5: Finalising the Product

Now that my skateboard's body is ready, I simply dragged the body over the wheels. You may have to elevate the body to be above the wheels. Tinkercad is awesome in allowing us to see our objects on multiple 360° viewing angles.

I also created a total grouped (fused) version of my skateboard (top, in red) to show you how the wheels are aligned at the bottom. There really are four wheels!

Step 6: 3D: Skateboard

Have fun skating, I mean creating your skateboard on Tinkercad!

Here's the Tinkercad version of this skateboard

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