Introduction: Making a Protective Pouch for My Refrigerant Manifold.

I recently made my digital refrigerant manifold and I love it.

My concern is damage that can be done to it during transportation. I don't want my other tools hitting and damaging it.

Here is how I made a simple, inexpensive pouch for it using foam.

Step 1: Cutting the Shape Needed.

I notched out a triangular section for the manifold hook to come through. Now I have the ouch shape I needed.

Step 2: Gluing It Together.

I cleaned all surfaces to be glued with Rubbing alcohol. Using evostik adhesive, I glued the ouch edges together. Also I used another piece of foam to give extra padding where the digital gauges will be in the pouch.

Step 3: Completion.

Using some heavy tools, I applied weight to the glued areas and left them like that for a day.

With the pouch complete, I can safely transport my lovely manifold!