Making the Letters "C" and "D" Out of PVC!

Introduction: Making the Letters "C" and "D" Out of PVC!

Hello and welcome to Kaywhysee's instructable on how to construct the letters "C" and "D" out of PVC! Now you may ask yourself, "When would I ever need PVC letters of 'C' and 'D' ?" Well I'll be totally honest, probably never, but who knows, because it might just save your life one day.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:
Twelve 45deg PVC joints
Two 90deg PVC joints 
Ten 3.5" PVC tubes
Two 1.5" PVC tubes
One 9.5" PVC tube

Step 2: The Letter "D"

We wil start with the letter "D". Take the 3.5" PVC tubes and connect them to the 45deg joints until you have made a semicircle. Next attach the two 90deg joints to the ends of the 9.5" PVC tube. Finally connect the two pieces together.

Step 3: The Letter "C"

Now we will construct the letter "C". Begin the same way as you did when constructing the letter "D", and make the semicircle first. Next attach two 45deg joints to the ends of the semicircle. After that attach the two 1.5" PVC tubes into the ends of the 45deg joints you just attached to the semicircle. Finally attach the last two 45deg joints to the ends of the 1.5" PVC tubes.

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