Introduction: Making the Spaceship Body

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Lesson Overview:

Now we're going to make the body of our space ship!

Step 1: Building the Living Quarters

The body of the this spaceship is made up of the Living Quarters and the Escape Pod.

In this step, we will start with the Living Quarters, where the crew of the spaceship will live.

When you are finished with this step, the Living Quarters will look like the image below.


  1. Place a sphere on the workplane. Scale it up equally on all axes (hold shift) to 30mm.
  2. Place a paraboloid and a box on the workplane.
  3. Scale the paraboloid up on all axes to 30mm. Make the box a hole.
  4. Align the paraboloid and the box so that they are centered on the x and y axis. Also choose the top tab along the height.
  5. Move the box up so that it cut a "half sphere" from the top of the paraboloid. Once the box is in place, group it with the paraboloid.
  6. Align the combined shape with the sphere. Move the combined shape up so that the base halfway up the sphere. This is the main body of the rocket. Make them the same color.

Step 2: Building the Escape Pod

The escape pod will be connected at the top of the living quarters. You will use the Workplane tool to place objects closer to where they're going to be.

When you are finished with this step, you should have something that looks like the image below.


  1. Press "W" to switch on the Workplane Tool and select the top of the Living Quarters.
  2. Place a paraboloid above the Living Quarters. The new paraboloid will become the Escape Pod. Select all objects and align them so they are centered on the x and y axis.
  3. Scale the Escape Pod so it is 10mmx10mm on the x and y axis. Scale the height to about 15mm.

Step 3: Adding a Nose Cap and Divider

Now that we have the basic shape of the body, we can add in the details. The details include a Nose Cap for the Escape Pod, a Divider between the Living Quarters and Escape Pod. When you are finished with this step, your spaceship will look something like the image below(The details are the white objects).


  1. To make the Divider, place a torus on the workplane.
  2. Select both the torus and escape pod, and align them together on the x and y axis
  3. Move the Divider up on the Z axis about 63mm.
  4. To make the Nose Cap, Place a cone on the workplane. Rotate it 180 degrees on either the X or Y axis so it points down.
  5. Switch to the workplane, press W, tool and select the base of the cone.
  6. Place a paraboloid on the base of the cone.
  7. Select the cone and paraboloid. Since we used the Workplane tool, we only need to align the two objects on the X and Y axis.
  8. Select and group the two objects together to complete the Nose Cap.
  9. Select the Escape Pod and the Nose Cap and choose the align tool. Select the Escape pod again to Align the Nose Cap to the Escape Pod. Align the centers on the X and Y axis. Choosing the top tab on the Z axis can help as well (the red tab in the image).
  10. Move the Nose Cap up on the Z axis about 22mm.
  11. Holding SHIFT, scale the Nose Cap down to about 22mm.
  12. Change all of the details to a similar color.

Step 4: Creating a Door

The last detail we will make is the door of the spaceship.


  1. Select the large sphere of the Living Quarters. Choose Edit>Duplicate to create a duplicate. Move one of the spheres towards the front of the workplane
  2. Scale the door down so that it fits like the image below. the Door doesn't have to be a perfect sphere. Rotating the sphere can also help it fit.

In the next lesson you will learn to make some wings for your ship!

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