Mandala Tutorial | How to Draw a Rainbow Mandala



Introduction: Mandala Tutorial | How to Draw a Rainbow Mandala

To draw this mandala you need:

  • a compass
  • a protractor
  • a ruler
  • a pencil
  • a fine drawing pen
  • Stabilo fine point (9 colors of your choice)
  • an eraser
  • an A4 white

Step 1: Prepare the Mandala Grid

To draw your mandala with ease it is preferable to draw a mandala grid first and base the shapes and patterns on it.

1- Start by marking the center of your paper, and draw a horizontal and a vertical line crossing the center.

2- Then, from that marked center, trace 7 circles with the following radii: 1 cm, 2 cm, 3 cm, 4 cm, 5 cm, 6 cm, and 7 cm

3- Using the protractor, mark a point every 10 degrees and trace the grid lines.

Now your mandala grid is ready for you to unleash your creativity.

To understand more about mandala grids you can check this article on my blog

Step 2: Trace Petals on the First Row of Your Mandala

Choose a sequence in which you will use the 9 chosen colors and preserve it till the end of this mandala

First start by drawing one pointed petal on each grid section. As you see in the illustration each petal is drawn with a color, until the 9 colors have been used, then you repeat the sequence one more time.

After you draw the petals, color them.

Step 3: Trace Petals on the Second Row of Your Mandala

On the second row start by tracing petals as well- each petal on two grid sections.

In order to create the color twist effect start by tracing the red petal from the summit of the previous red petal and end it on the summit of the orange petal. And so on.

Fill the petals with stippling.

Step 4: Add Patterns to the Third Row of Your Mandala

Now on the third row we will be more creative with our pattern. We will draw a petal just like step 2 respect the color twist direction.

Inside the petal draw three tear drops and color them.

Step 5: Draw Petal on the Fifth Row of Your Mandala As Show in the Illustrations

To create this pattern for your mandala check the illustrations.

Start by tracing petals, each petal on two grid sections. Then draw a double outline on the inner side of your petal. From the center draw a tear drop and keep it blank, then draw a colored dot and fill the double outline with color.

Step 6: Draw Arc Petals

In this step, you will draw arc petals. Each arc petal on two grid sections. Also start every red arc petal from the summit of the previous red petal and end it on the summit of the previous orange petal to keep the twist effect.

Inside the arc petal, trace small arcs on the inner outline and color them. Then draw a small petal, fill it with stippling, and decorate its summit with three colored tear drops.

Step 7: Keep Filling Your Mandala With Different Petal Patterns

In this step, trace petals, this time and in order to respect the twist effect, start your red petal from the center of the previous red arc petal and end it on the center of the previous orange arc petal.

Trace a double inner outline, and fill it with small circles. Then draw a small petal on the inside and fill it with stippling.

Step 8: Last Step and Video Tutorial

This is the last step.

Trace one petal on each two grid sections, then draw a smaller petal on the inside of each petal. Fill the small petal with stippling then fil the space between the outlines with curved lines as shown in the illustration.

It is always useful to watch the video tutorial so please check it on the link below

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