Introduction: Man's Hand Goblet OR Vase

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In this instructable I will show you how to make a Vase, or Goblet from fire wood.

Step 1: Things Needed:


Bowl Gouge



Screwdriver and screws


Polyurethane (optional)

Step 2: The Face Plate

Screw the Face Plate on the wood. Make it as centered as you can. Then attach it to the lathe.

Step 3: Shaping the Goblet

Start rounding the side of the goblet.

(Look at the GIF)
every little bit stop the lathe and look at the wood.

Step 4: Making a Groove in the Middle

After you are done rounding the side, start making a groove in the middle.

After you made a groove in the middle, start working from the middle to the top with the bowl gouge.

(Look at the GIF)

Step 5: Shaping the Bottom

Then take a pen and mark about one inch from the face plate, so later when you are cutting the wood off the faceplate you don't hit the screws. Then place the gouge in the middle, and work your way to the mark you made earlier.

(Look at the GIF)

Step 6: Sanding the Side

Sand the side.

My favorite way to sand a bowl or goblet is to use an electric sander, sanding with the grain of the wood.

Tip: Don't have the lathe running at the same time if you are using the electric sander!!!!

Step 7: Shaping the Inside

Move the tailstock, then position the tool rest so it is right in front of the goblet.

Place the bowl gouge a couple of mm away from the side and start moving the gouge from the side to the middle.

(Look at the GIFS)

Step 8: Sanding the Inside

Turn the lathe on, then start sanding with 100-350 grit sand paper.

Step 9: Cutting Off the Bowl

Take the parting tool and start parting off the bowl at the one inch mark that you put on earlier.

(Look at the GIF)

Step 10: DONE!

You are done! If you want to drink from it put some polyurethane on and in it, or you could make it into a vase, it's your choice. Mine was too big, it wouldn't fit anyone's hand so I went with the vase idea.

Thanks for reading

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