Maple Key Bookmark

Introduction: Maple Key Bookmark

Collect all those maple keys that spin down in the fall? We'll keep the closer by using them as bookmarks. This design uses a spiral design to highlight the wingtips of the maple keys.

Step 1: Gluing and Sealing

It's best to have a standard maple keys, but go for mixing up size, species, color. Collect a bunch healthy seeds. I used a standard sugar maple key, but red and other types will work as well.

Use a sealer, preferably clear finish coat, to preserve the bookmark strong while drying. It won’t be permanent protection, but it’s a start.

Using wood glue or standard glue,place the head of each keys on the next wingtip.

Step 2: Read!

Enjoy this fun and pretty bookmark. It’s quick, interesting, and fits your reading perfectly.

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    3 years ago

    We always called them helicopters rather than keys.