Maple Key Necklace

Introduction: Maple Key Necklace

Pretty and reminiscent of fall, the maple seeds(keys) off the deciduous forests are beautiful and long lasting. Make that into a necklace, and enjoy the elegant outdoors aesthetic of the maple key.

Step 1: Sourcing

You'll have no trouble finding these. Either outdoors or if that's too far online you can find some. I like taking reddening ones that retain their green color as well, just for the view while working with it.

Step 2: Hole

While a drill may be the cleanest and best option, an awl or sharp objects that could be used for poking will do. Bring some into class and work on them with a pencil.

Step 3: Sealing

This is a seasonal thing, so you don't need to seal it. However, looking at the longevity of the necklace indicates you should use wood sealer or a finish of sorts.

Step 4: Enjoy!

Throw on a jump ring and chain, and enjoy the necklace! It's unique and will turn heads!

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    3 years ago

    I live in Louisiana. what kind of maple tree did that come from? Do u know if those type grow here?


    Reply 3 years ago

    This is from a sugar maple. Alternatively, red maples, Norway maple, moose maple, and many others that do grow keys will work! As for down south, I have no clue! If you want friend brown ones, they are easy to get.