Introduction: Martha Stewart Crafts: Fringe Cutter

The Martha Stewart Crafts Fringe Cutter is a unique tool that allows you to create fringe for crafts, parties and gifts quickly and effortlessly. This innovative 5-blade Fringe Cutter can create a variety of fringe widths, and the alignment guide helps for quick repeats. Use with craft paper, tissue and mylar to make banners, garlands, tassels and more. Watch now!

Tools Needed

Finge Cutter Tool

Tissue Paper

Step 1: Make Sure the Cutting Shuttle Is in the Unlocked Position

When you press on the shuttle the blades should come down.

Step 2: Unlock the Knob on the Measuring Guide, Slide to Desired Length, and Lock in Place

Set length based on desired amount of fringe.

Step 3: Fold 2 Layers of Tissue Paper in Half Twice

Step 4: Open the Latch to the Ruler Arm and Raise Up

Step 5: Insert Paper With the End You Just Folded Away From You

For half inch fringe line up paper with the 1/2in mark, and make sure it is flush with the raised edge of the ruler.

Step 6: Holding Down the Ruler Arm, Slide the Shuttle Up to the Measuring Guide, and in One Motion Press Down and Move the Shuttle Towards You

Step 7: Slide the Tissue Paper So the Last Cut Lines Up With the 1/2in Mark

Repeat process and continue cutting fringe until the end of the paper.

Step 8: To Make Larger Fringe You Will Need to Remove Some of the Blades

Pull out the blade's safety lock to put the shuttle into the locked position.

Step 9: Open the Ruler Arm Then Open the Door on the Base of the Tool

Remove a plastic blade cover by pushing up from the bottom

Step 10: Place Cover Over the Blade to Be Removed, Slide Tool and Remove the Blade

For 1 inch fringe remove the 2nd and 4th blade

Step 11: For 1 Inch Fringe Line Up Tissue Paper With the 1 Inch Mark

Repeat cutting steps until the end of the paper has been reached.