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Introduction: Marvelous Muffaletta

Marinated Muffaletta sandwich was a tradition started by my mother who would make the sandwich when we went on camping trips and day trips. It is easy to pack and looks nice and is delicious.

Step 1: Buying Bread

You will want a nice big round bread from the store. There are recipes on how to make this bread but I find it's easier to buy it. Sometimes it's sourdough which works fine. The middle should be softer than the outside so give it a squeeze before you purchase it to make sure it bounces back a little. I usually purchase this bread at Price Chopper, Walmart, or Big Y they usually have it in the bakery department.

Step 2: Delicious Deli Deals

Most of the time I go for what's on sale. Usually a nice pepperoni, hard salami, cheap ham, and a cheap turkey do the trick. I usually order 1/2 to a 1/4 pound of each. I also usually buy what's on sale for cheese as well... sometimes I get mozzarella sliced and sometimes I get provolone. The cheese doesn't need to have a whole lot of flavor because it will absorb the flavor from the marinade.

Step 3: From Market to Marinade

For this marinade you are going to want the following items:

1. Olive oil

2. Green olives with the pimento in them

3. garlic (fresh or jarred)

4. black olives (optional)

5. vinegar (also optional)

6. Italian seasoning

Mince the olives and the garlic if it isn't already. Pour one cup of olive oil into a bowl (this is also where you add a bit of vinegar if you want... just a splash would do). Add the minced ingredients to the bowl of oil and mix. Add some Italian dry herbs (or fresh) and mix again. Now chop the loaf of bread in half so that you have a top and a bottom like a hamburger bun. Depending on how much meat you use you may want to hallow the insides of the round bread by scooping it out with a spoon. Spread the marinade on the inside of both slices. Do not hesitate to drizzle it on.

Step 4: the Art of Stacking

This is where preference comes in. I like cheese more than meat so in this recipe you might see two sandwiches one with more meat one with more cheese. This one above is the one with more meat. This is why I said you may want to scoop some of the bread from the sandwich. If you stack too much meat or cheese your friends or family (especially little ones) may have a harder time fitting in into their mouths. However feel free to stack it in whatever order you wish. I find I like stacking the cheeses and meat like turkey closer to the marinaded part because those pick up flavor.

Step 5: Bag It and Tag It!

Once the sliced meats and cheese are stacked onto the sandwich place the top back on and try to smoosh it down. My mom used to use a container but I've found that gallon size freezer bags work better for transporting this. I shimmy the sandwich into the bag and then zip it shut. I prefer these bags because this can get a little messy. I like the slide zipper. It's also nice to have a resealable bag when you go camping not just for left overs of the sandwich if you have them but in case you need it for something else.

Step 6: Weigh It Down and Stick It on Ice.

Usually my mom weighs this sandwich down by piling things on top of it. I like to stick it in the bottom of the cooler and put everything heavy on top and I think that's good enough. Reason is you want the marinade to press into the sandwich and also helps get into your mouth if it's a little flatter. Keep it cool yes it can be out with the sun but it does have cheese and I wouldn't leave it out too long.

Step 7: Cut It Up and Enjoy

I love the way this sandwich looks cut up! It's just pretty to look at and it's delicious to eat. I can take the whole big sandwich and usually slice it 8-10 slices! It's great for families and great for small groups also. Pretty easy to save the left overs if you save that bag. I hope you enjoy!

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