Marvin the Martian Antenna Ball




Introduction: Marvin the Martian Antenna Ball

So I grew up watching the looney tunes, and Marvin the martian was one of my favorite characters, so as a grown up I decided to make this project to remember chilhood memories.

Step 1: Materials

these are the materials you'll need

-Green foam

-a ball




-transparent spray

Step 2: Paint the Ball

Use the black paint to paint all the ball, I used a hair drier to dry it faster

Step 3: Choose Your Marvin Face

I did a little google research to choose a face template, I just chose that one shown in the picture but you can choose the one you want then paint the eyes

Step 4: Cut and Paste the Helmet

this one was the most difficult part for me, but hopefully for you will be easier you'll need to take your measures according to the ball size then cut the green foam. you should have a template as shown in the third picture , then just use the glue to paste it, at the end I leave that hoodie thing in the back since I think it looks cool

Step 5: Finish the Helmet and Add the Details

I didn't think it , but I forgot the roman-like thing on the helmet so I just painted the green foam yellow and used a stick to put it together. Then at the end just add the transparent spray so it doesn't deteriorate with weather.

Step 6: All Done !

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    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    That looks really good. And you can probably use this same technique to make just about any character that you want.


    Reply 4 years ago

    thanks!, and yeah you can use this same technique to make other characters.