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Introduction: Mason Jar Dog Treat Dispenser

Do you hate having do reach into a noisy bag or bulky box to give your doggy a treat? This DIY has helped me out a lot. Especially since I have been spending more time with my dogs during quarantine. I hope that it helps you at too.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

You will need:

  • A mason Jar
  • A rubber band
  • Resin Glue
  • Twine
  • A straw (not shown)
  • A large button (Almost the size of the mason jar's opening.)
  • A small button (A large one will do, but it will be a bit harder to work with)
  • Scissors

Step 2: Rubber Bands and Buttons

This part involves the rubber bands and buttons. It will take 1-2 hours +9 or so hours of drying time.

Step 3: Cut Up the Rubber Band

Not into a hundred little pieces. First, cut it so that it is an elastic string instead of a loop. Attempt to thread the rubber band into the smallest button hole. If it fits-Great! If not, you will have to cut the elastic lengthwise to make it thinner. (Do this slowly and carefully)

Step 4: Small Button

Thread the rubber band through the small button and then back up through the other hole. If there is a round side to the button, thread it so the two ends pop up on the round side. If the button has 4 holes, you can use another elastic,(recommended) if not don't worry about it.

Step 5: Large Button

Tie on the large button. Whichever side looks nicer should be on top. I tied the elastic ends to each other on the other side of the connecting bands. This allowed me to adjust the length of the band. Do try to not make it too lengthy though. (I tried that and had to re-tie it) Also I realized that the Red button was too small, so I upsized. Make sure the button fills most of the opening. If it is too small, the treats will come out when you don't want them too. If you want to test, fill jar with treats-weighing the small button down, turn upside down and shake. If a lot fall out without shaking, you need a bigger button.

Step 6: Suspend and Glue

Suspend your button thingy so the small button is on the bottom of the glass, but nothing else gets stuck. Then put a wad of glue on the bottom of the button and/or the bottom of glass. You may need to hold it down with a toothpick or popsicle stick for the first hour or two. Remove the popsicle stick after a while and leave overnight to completely set. Remove suspensions

Step 7: Twine Time

This part primarily uses twine for aesthetics and function. Should take 1-2 hours.+3h drying time (more may be beneficial.)

Step 8: Cut Straws

Cut two straws about 3/4 the length from the bottom of the glass to the mouth. Then cut length wise. Pop them both onto the elastic.

Step 9: Thread 2 Pieces of Twine Through the Rubber Bands

Carefully pull the rubber bands enough to slide the twine under. They should be on different- loops I guess? and placed perpendicular to each other.

Step 10: (optional for Decoration) Tie a Twine Around the Mouth of the Jar

I chose to take it off. I am not very good at tying bows.

Step 11: Tie Strings Around Back and Braid Them All Together

I used the longest string and did a simple knot around the four. Try to keep it as tight as possible. If you don't know how to braid four strings together, here is it in short: take the sting closest to your right (or left if you're left handed) and weave it through the others until it is at the other side. Then repeat with the new closest string. You may also find some good tutorials online if you need more information.

Step 12: Glue

Flip the jar over to the top. take one of the stings and glue it to the button. Use a clothes pin or clip to clip it down. When it dries you will be finished! Just fill with treats and you're ready to go!

Step 13: Treats and Tricks

Now that you are done with your dispenser, you will now learn how to use it.

Step 14: Fill With Treats

You want them to be small so they can come out easily and not block the exit. I used peanut butter chips (that's not what they are, but they look like chocolate chips) and mini biscuit half's. I got both in the bulk treats section at Petco. I am sure that there are other small ones out there that will work just as well.

Step 15: Have Dog Preform Trick

My tricks of choice are;

  • Sit,
  • Shake,
  • Wait for signal.
  • Jump

Your dog, your choice.

Step 16: Shake Bottle 2-3 Times

Warning: Bottle must be open, with open end facing down. Shaking times may vary. If you shake a lot, and nothing comes out, you may want to adjust the button location. Multiple treats may come out at once.

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