Mason Jar Flower Pot

Introduction: Mason Jar Flower Pot

Step 1: Materials

- 3 mason jars

- 9 fake flowers

- Plank of wood

- Wood stain

- 3 hose clamps

- 3 nails

- Spray Paint

- Acrylic Paint

Step 2: Cut the piece of wood to the appropriate length

Step 3: Stain the wood

Step 4: Trimming the stems of the flowers

Step 5: Painting the stems of the fake flowers

Step 6: Spray painting the inside of the mason jars

Step 7: Drilling a hole into the hose clamp

Step 8: Then nailing the hose clamps into the plank of wood

Step 9: Attaching the mason jars to the clamps

Step 10: Putting the flowers inside the jars then hanging the flower pot onto a wall

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    Great idea for a flower holder. I like how you could use this for plastic flowers, cut flowers or even live planted flowers.