Introduction: Mason Jar Kitchen Transformation

My kitchen was an un-organized mess. That is until I discovered my love for mason jars! You can transform your kitchen too. Mason jars are not too expensive, and you can usually find them at Goodwill or second hand stores or even yard sales. I always pick them up with I can find them for next to nothing.

Step 1: Lazy Susan

My first bright idea was to re-organize my lazy susan so that I could actually find the things I needed, without random spice jars falling all over. I used a liquid chalk marker to label everything. As you can see, not everything needs a shaker lid, in which case just find the perfect size mason jar, and use

I found the shaker lids that fit the regular mouth mason jars at WalMart, Meijer, Target, Amazon, etc. They cost about $1.50 for a set of two lids. You can also find the small jars that actually come with the shaker lids already. This is a great deal at about $4.50, since the small jars without the shaker lids are the same price.

Step 2: Pantry

My next project was to get rid of all of the random size boxes in my pantry cabinet and to be able to find things easily. What could be easier than seeing what is in your pantry by using mason jars for EVERYTHING. This also keeps things very fresh.

I purchased an adapter for my Food Saver that will seal mason jars so that food in them will last up to five times longer. These are available for both size mouths of your jars. You can find that adapter on Amazon for about $10. Well worth it if you ask me. I love that there are so many sizes of mason jars available, even some large ones for the flour and sugars.

Step 3: Kitchen Sink

Yes, I love mason jars. Yes, I have an obsession. You can even use them on the kitchen sink for your soap dispenser. You can find the adapters at places like JoAnn Crafts or Hobby Lobby. They are easy to assemble, and you can even use your own pump if you want. I like that my pump matches my kitchen soap. I'm a bit silly like that.

Step 4: Drinking Jars

Mason jars are great for everything, even drinking from them is fun. I was finally able to get rid of all of our plastic, discolored shaker bottles that we use for Spark Drink Mixes and Meal Replacement Shakes. Mason Jars work much better! If you are a straw person like me, you can even pick up the handy lid/straw set at your local store too. Do you like fruit infused water? They even have a solution for that! PS - The wide mouth jars are great for storing the lids, and as you can see - those also come in fun colors! Have fun transforming with mason jars, I did!

Step 5: Entertaining

You can even find mason jar drink dispensers and cocktail shakers. I have both of these and they are fantastic. It's all mason jars for this girl!

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