Mason Jar Lantern

Introduction: Mason Jar Lantern

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I have made different lanterns over the time, usually i have made different hangers to hold the candle...

But then i started to think, that there should be easier way to lit up or change the candle.

Tools i used with this:

Dremel 3000 with flexshaft
DREMEL® Shaping Platform Attachment

Dremel Shaper / Router Table (231)

Dremel speedclic diamond cutting disk

Diamond Wheel Point 2 mm (7103)

8mm Diamond bit for grinding the threads.

Cutting oil when cutting or grinding.

Remember to protect yourself for inhalating glass, i remove dust with vacuum cleaner, and use air filters and eye protection.

Step 1: Cutting the Mason Jar..

There is many different ways to cut the mason jar.

But i have found diamond cut off wheels to be the most accurate tool for this.

Cutting with yarn and fire method doesn't allways work with the mason jars as it works with the bottles.

I don't know is it the thicker glass or quality of the material, but with fire i haven't got nice results.

Video shows one possible way, wich i have found to be good way, specially if you are going to make several lanterns.

I filled the mason jar with fabric, it keeps the jar in its right shape, and when the glass is cut through, it jumps up, instead of collapsing. Wthout fabric glass may crack easier.

Step 2: The Idea..

I cut off the bottom of the jar.

Removed the threads with diamond grinding stones.

Then i just flipped the top part upsidedown, and placed the neck inside the bottom.

Now i can just lift up the top part to place or lit up the candle.

Finished with simple engraving, made with diamond wheel point.

You can use the different themes for different holidays.

I did the Angel for christmas time, rose was to decorate birthday breakfast table.

Video in the first step shows the process.

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