Matambre a La Parrilla

Introduction: Matambre a La Parrilla

Okay, so this is a simple step by step way of cooking matambre (also known as the cheapest part of the cow), in a delicious manner.


- Matambre (meat, you may have to look in a Spanish butcher shop for this)

- Chorizo (an Argentine sausage)

- Bread (if you want)

- Salt

- Black Pepper

- Oregano

- Minced Garlic

- Parsley Flakes

- Basil


- Rolled Newspaper

- Dead wood sticks

- Charcoal

- Gasoline

Step 1: The Meat

This step is just a little picture of what the meat might look like (this is the fat side)

Step 2: Preparing the Grill

You are gonna need to roll up about three to four pieces of news paper. Afterwards, you want to put loads of dead sticks (since they are dead, they are dry, meaning that it's easier to light them on fire), followed up by some pieces of charcoal. You also want to smack on some gasoline, pretty simple.

Step 3: Burn, Baby Burn

Light the fire with either a match or a lighter, doesn't matter. Let it burn for roughly 40 minutes, or until the ashes have arrived.

Step 4: Seasoning

So, since this meat is generally a bit chewier than most, you aren't necessarily looking for texture in this meal. That's why, it is absolutely key you season this bad boy.

Step 5: Meat (Seasoned)

You want to season both sides with salt, black pepper, oregano, minced garlic, parsley flakes, and basil. Don't be too stingy with them either, but don't go overboard. Get a nice, even spread of the condiments.

Step 6: Back to the Fire

After a while, your fire should start looking something like this. This means that you are ready to cook, but remember to push the embers (white burnt stuff) evenly to the sides so the heat is spread all around.

Step 7: I Repeat, the Meat Is on the Grill!

Now it's time to grill the meat. You wanna start with the fat side facing up, that means that the other side will take about an hour to cook. Let it do its thing.

Step 8: Flipping and Adding More!

Now, after an hour has passed, it's time to flip. Flip the meat on to its fat side, and this will take between 35-40 minutes to cook through. At this time, you can also add the Chorizos (don't need to be seasoned) which will take about 40 minutes to cook as well.

Step 9: You Are Done! Now Enjoy It!

This is what your finished product should look like, and you can also add some bread for the Chorizo and toast them for about five minutes. Dig in, cause it's time to eat!

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    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    2 years ago

    Thanks for sharing!

    You should consider using the image in the last step as your main image so people can see the delicious food you made :)