Introduction: Match Box Bobble Head for Car

About: Love working with scrap metal and other free sourced goods, enjoy old cars owning a classic mini as a daily because i am stupid, oh yeah did i mention i some how managed to get qualified as a metalwork teacher…

So Ide got my dream car , but I wanted to add a little personal touch so I decided to make. A mini bobble head for my dash.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

For this project you wil need a drill , screw driver , a screw a small spring a small washer and obviously a match box car.

Step 2: Drill Hole

Drill screw sized hole in the center of the car.

Step 3: Assemble Spring

Squeeze the washer into the bottom of the spring and drop the screw through.

Step 4: Attach Spring to Car

Screw the screw into the car. Don't over tighten as you may crack the plastic.

Step 5: Done

My mini has screws that hold they dash in place so I just forced the spring under it to hold it in place