Matte Camouflaged Yamaha Fz16

Introduction: Matte Camouflaged Yamaha Fz16

I love doing innovative stuff, for long time i was thinking of putting my work for all of you. so this is a part of my work.

I have painted my motorcycle 2 times, the camouflaged version is my second time.

Step 1: Tools Needed

Tools needed:-

1. Air compressor with regulator

2. Spray gun + airbrush

3. stencils for camo look and the text

4. Paints, thinner

5. safety gloves

6. respirator

7. masking tape

8. sandpaper 800, 1000

Step 2: Starting Off

Stencils that i made is on the masking tape, i had just draw it due to lack of some supplies.

after making the stencils i have started sanding off the motorcycle parts that i wanted to paint by using the sand paper 800.

Note- while doing sanding dont just use the sand paper directly, first make the paper wet than use it for sanding.

Clean the parts with water and get it dry. when the parts gets dried apply the first coat, here in India its called P.S.GREY. Finish every parts by applying the coat and let it get dried for about 3-4 hours.

Pictures of parts with the coat is also shown.

Step 3: Painting

now i have applied my stencils and started painting the parts. As it is camouflaged its needs to have 3 different tone of coat of paint. I have first started with the the dark colour i.e black followed by grey and light grey.

Step 4: This Is How It Looks

This is how it looks after finishing painting, attaching the parts, cleaning and polishing.

Hope you have liked it.

This is my first post so if i have missed anything let me know.

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    Chris Logan
    Chris Logan

    7 years ago

    I think sportbikes look good in camouflage (it's the juxtaposition of concepts that turn me on).

    However... I think that a rider shouldn't take this idea lightly. Bikes are hard enough for drivers to see. Is camouflage a good idea?


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I really depends on you, i really love camouflage and was planning from a long time to paint it and finally i had got it done.

    Chris Logan
    Chris Logan

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Do you think that you should shoulder the responsibility if a driver hits you and says that he just couldn't see you?