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Introduction: Mcpe Redstone Missile

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Greetings all! I am here as the result of a very recent update of Minecraft Pocket Edition that has brought pistons and a absolutely new block named "observer". Now this means I was able to build up an actual working missile! So! Let us roll (or rather, blow!)...
And mind that I take absolute credit on being myself who designed this little wonder. I swear I made it, I designed it. Enjoy!

Step 1: Observer

Just to know the mechanics of my invention, the observer is like a button-block. It has an input and output side and can also be updated when moved. Pretty simple right?

Step 2: Materials

Obviously, you will need mcpe in your devide (I mean your movile)
Materials (Blocks)
3 observer blocks
3 simple pistons
1 sticky piston
2 redstone blocks
5 slime blocks
9 tnt blocks
And some dirt!
Whoa, I'm real exited!

Step 3: First

Rise the body at least 1 block from the ground. Then place two slime blocks and next to them a sticky piston. The back of it is the front!

Step 4: Second

On the piston you just placed, put an observer block with the output facing downwards towards the piston

Step 5: Third

On the left side, or right behind the slime blocks, place a piston as showed, and next to it, a slime block. This blocks are the "butt" of your creation

Step 6: Fourth

Now go to the front part of the missile and place two pistons diagonally as showed.

Step 7: Fifth

Between the pistons that have been placed, now mount two observer blocks with their outputs facing the ways they are shown.

Step 8: Sixth

Now place one slime block followed by three tht blocks separeted by one block from the engine. Make sure that when you are looking at the front of the engine, the line of blocks is at the right side of it.

Step 9: Seventh

Now to fill the left side of the line of charges, place the blocks that are shown in the picture in the order that are shown. Easyy!

Step 10: Eight

Again on the right side, fill the remaining space with more explosives as shown!

Step 11: End

The missile is ready! Place a redstone block on the pistone on the proyectile's butt and go kick some asses! Don't forget to like, comment, and follow!

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    4 years ago

    Really nice. time to use it then :p