Introduction: Mechanical Hand Mechanism With Strawbees

After heaving quite some fun with Strawbees, I realized its time to post an instructable. For those of you who don't know what Strawbees is it is a kick-starter funded company, the company founded a Strawbee by mistake which is a kind of plastic with legs which can hold straws.

Just like having fun with LEGOs, building stuff and other joy of it. The Strawbee is the same experience and now in this tutorial I'm going to show you how to build a mechanical arm with straws and Strawbees, the project has real mechanics and can move forward an backwards. This instructable is really simple and easy to make and can be replicated by any age group.

All the materials required for this instructable can be found in any Strawbees kit, so you can get yours to get started with the instructable.

Step 1: One Leg Strawbee

Lets start of putting two straws into, two one legged Strawbees. Join the two using another one legged strawbees to create a mechanical part as shown in the image. Repeat the steps until you have four such mechanics. Join the other end of the straws, with two legged Strawbees to look something like picture two and form picture three.

Step 2: Smaller Straws

Join both the diamond shaped straw structures together using a smaller straw until, you have something looking like picture two.

Step 3: Completing

Add additional smaller straws to the other ends of the two legged Strawbees, attach another few of the strawbees for form picture two, also make sure you bend them and attach each parallel ends together using a smaller straw.

Step 4: Complete

And that's it now you have a moving mechanical arm like the picture above to move the arm forward press the two end small straws together and the other end moves forward.

Hope you had fun.