Introduction: Mechanical Steam Boat Toy

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Like many of my other instructables I made this one in tinkercad as well. Tinkercad is definitely my favorite site for 3D modeling and I enjoy it very much. This steamboat is completely mechanical, and the smokestacks move up and down, the water wheel turns, the binoculars spin, and the sailor climb and descends the ladder. I think this is a wonderful toy.

I have uploaded it to my mini factory, where it is free to print and access, and it has gone through several software checks to ensure it's printability.

Note: this boat DOES float.

Note: this boat only requires you to turn one lever in order for all the other parts to work.


3D printer, and stl files. available here

Step 1: Step 1; the Water Wheel

This is the part that propels the boat, by causing it to spin it revolves giving power to the rest of the boat, and allowing it to move.

Step 2: Smokestacks and Binoculars

Binoculars spin in a circle,

smokestacks move up and down

Step 3: The Sailor

This guy climbs up and down the stairs.

Step 4: Parts

3D layout for printing so you know what to expect

Step 5: The Gears

Click on fullscreen for these they show how the machine works, and how to put all the parts together.

There are little clips that are printable in the stl file that ensure you do not need glue and make assembly easy.

Step 6: Here It Is!

It is now finished, hope you like it, and thank you for reading my intractable!!!!

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