Medina's Smart Robot Car Kit 3.0 Plus

Introduction: Medina's Smart Robot Car Kit 3.0 Plus

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This kit is fairly simple and comes with a handy instructional book with pictures as well as everything you need as well as some extra hard wear incase you lose some.

The little bags of hard wear are also used in numerical order and the bags are labeled for convenience


The kit comes with:

Acrylic Chassis 2 PCS

Cell Box 1 PC

Dead Plate 1 pc

Cable Pack 1 PC

Servo fasten plate (not for assembly) 1 PC

Screw Pack 6PCS

Screwdriver 3PCS

Insulation Tape 1PS

Ultrasonic sensor module holder and SG90 1PC


L298N 1 PC

Bluetooth Module 1 PC

IO expansion Board 1 PC

Line Tracking Module 1 PC

Ultrasonic sensor module1 PC

Tires 4 PCS

DC motor 4 PCS

DC Motor 4 PCS

Remote Control 1 PC

USB Cable-Type B 1 PC

USB Cable-Type Micro 1 PC

Instructional Booklet

The Bags are labeled as follows:

1( For Motor): M3*30 8PCS, M3*10 8 PCS, M3 Nut 8PCS, Aluminum Block 4 PCS

2 (For UNO, L298N): M3*14 8 PCS, M# NUT 8 PCS, Separation Shim 8 PCS

3 (For Line Tracking): M3*7 4 PCS, M3 NUT 4 PCS, M3*4+6 Coppe 5 PCS

4 (For Cell Box, Tires): M3*12 2 PCS, M3 Nut 2 PCS, M2*25 4 PCS

5: (For Ultrasonic): M1.6*8 6 PCS, M2*10 3 PCS, M3*10 3 PCS, M1.6 Nut 6 PCS, M2 Nut 3 PCS, M3 PCS

6 (For Acrylic Baseplate): M3*10 12 PCS, M3*40 Copper 6 PCS

Step 1: For Motor

Step 2: For Uno

Step 3: For Line Tracing

Step 4: For Uno Pt 2

Step 5: For Cell Blocks

Step 6: For Ultrasonic

Step 7: For Acrylic Base Plate

Step 8: For Tires

At this juncture the car is ready to be turned on as code is already preinstalled. in the event that it is not go to and follow the instructions provided

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