Introduction: Melted Crayon Art

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This is a fun project that can be as easy or as detailed as you would like

Step 1: Gather Materials

All your old crayons
Glue gun
Small canvas
Paper towels
Large plastic bags to cover work surface

Step 2: Arrange Colors

Take paper off all crayons. Arrange crayons at bottom (or however your design dictates) of your canvas.

Step 3: Hot Glue

Ask your mom (depending on your age or level of crafting experience) to glue crayons. The glue dries QUICKLY so be prepared.

Step 4: Melting

I found this process to be quick also. You may want to stand your canvas at an angle to get the wax to go where you want.

Step 5: Adding Decor

Yay! You did it! My first time was fun but I definitely would like to do it again with lots of different items for final decore. For this first one I cut out a turtle. Next time I may use browns then blues and sea shells.

Step 6: My Daughter Is Craftier Than I Am

This is the one my daughter did