Melting Wicked Witch

Introduction: Melting Wicked Witch

Make a melting Wicked Witch!


Witch hat

Dry ice

Insulating cloth



Step 1: Break Up the Dry Ice Into Smaller Chunks.

Use an insulated cloth to handle dry ice.

Make a variety of sizes so they will melt at different rates.

Step 2: Place Dry Ice in a Fold on Top of the Witch Hat.

Check to see that it can be folded over to hide the ice bits from most angles.

Note: Putting the dry ice underneath the hat won't work because the steam created is not strong enough to penetrate synthetic material.

Step 3: Pour Water Over the Dry Ice, Fold Back the Pointy Hat, and Watch the Magic!

You can also shriek "I'm melting! I'm melting!"

If you have a black cape or robe you can place under the hat, the effect is even better!

Step 4:

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