Introduction: Memory Matryoshka


How can we think of each other by sharing different pieces of objects?

Memory Matryoshka is a set of 2 boxes that share the same idea with Russian nesting dolls of decreasing size placed one inside another. Each of them can be separated from an individual memory box, but the goal is to unite them together so that when the smaller one is set inside the bigger one, they will trigger changes.

Intended audience

This is a spiritual sustenance for people who are not living together or cannot see each other for a long time.

Materials list

1. white paper

2. cardboards (purple/ yellow)

3. LEDs

4. conductive tape

5. double-sided adhesive tape

6. 3V battery

7. soldering tools

Step 1: Inspiration

I got the inspiration from the movie called "The Last Wizard of the Century". In the movie, it shows a set of two eggs, which were the connection between Natsumi Kousaka's grandmother and grandfather's mementos. When the smaller egg put inside the bigger one, as the light turned on, eggs start to change. Because of the light mechanism, eggs start to project photos of their family. I think this is a really touch point of this movie and I also want to make something that can be like that.

Step 2: Making Models

I tested out several kinds of boxes to choose the best shape of my "eggs".

Color choice is also an important part of the model, if I choose a color like brown, then the egg would look just like a burger box.

Finally, I chose the box shaped like a pineapple since that is the best similar shape of an egg in a paper model.

Inside the smaller egg, I also cut out a little girl who is sitting inside and looking at the album.

Step 3: Making LEDs

Connect all the positive together and negative together by using conductive tape.

Cut a hole for the 3V battery.

Step 4: Set Up

Put the smaller egg into the bigger one, the light switch will be on.