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Introduction: Memory Wire Bracelet - Frozen Inspired

About: I am Hazel's Dad - this is an account where I chronicle her making. It will be handed over to her when she is old enough to run it herself.

Hi, I'm Hazel and I am a maker!

I love to make these bracelets as they are not too tricky but they look really beautiful. I learned to make them at our Makerspace, we teach lots of children to make them at birthday parties and when we go out and about to show people what we do. You can make any bracelet you like, and you can theme them if you like. I made one with snowflakes and frosted colours to make a Frozen bracelet.

Step 1: Gather Materials

You will need:

  • Glass pearl beads We used 8mm glass pearl beads. There are so many colours to choose from! You can also get smaller sizes for a more delicate look. The number you will need depends on the size of the bead, the diameter of the memory wire, and the number of times you want your bracelet to wrap around your wrist.
  • Accent beads Accent beads add some interest and impact so are used sparingly. We used silver stardust beads and 6mm crystal beads
  • Charms for the ends of the bracelet. Because mine was Frozen themed, I chose snowflakes.
  • Jump rings to attach the charms. You will only need two of these
  • Memory wire. You can buy this in different sizes, the size you will need depends on the size of your wrist but also the size of the beads you are using. I have a small wrist but 8mm beads are quite big, so I am using 50mm diameter wire. If you are an adult you might need 60mm diameter. If you are a child using small beads, you might need 40mm

You will also need a pair of side cutters and a pair of needle nosed pliers. If you are a child you will also need an adult to help you!

Step 2: Prepare Your Memory Wire

Memory wire comes in a coil that you cut to length. Using side cutters, cut a length that wraps around your wrist two to three times. Then use the needle nosed-pliers to create a tight loop at one end. Just wrap the end of the wire tightly around one of the tapered tips of the pliers. Pull tightly to create the loop (an adult will need to do this for you if you are a child). This loop will stop beads coming off and also hold the charm that we will add at the end.

Step 3: String Your Beads!

Stringing beads on to memory wire is easy, because the wire holds its shape the beads will stay on even if you drop it. Try to plan where your beads are going to go - too many of the same colour close together or too many accent beads won't look as good. I chose to use pale pink, pale blue and ivory pearl beads. I strung four pearl beads in random order, then an accent bead. Keep beading until your bracelet is as long as you'd like it or you run out of wire.

Step 4: Finish Your Bracelet

When you are ready to finish your bracelet, make a loop at the end with the needle-nose pliers the same way you did at the start. Snip off any excess memory wire with the side cutters.

Once you have done that, add a charm to each of the end loops with a jump ring. Remember to always slide the two sides of a jump ring away from each other to open them, rather than pulling the two ends apart.

Once you have attached your charms, your bracelet is finished!

Step 5: Wear and Admire!

All that is left to do is to wear your bracelet, and get lots of admiring comments! I love these bracelets, I make lots of them for myself and my friends and I had a birthday party where all of my guests made bracelets to make and take home with them. Even my brother likes making them! I hope you like them too.

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    7 years ago

    Hazel I am so impressed with your ability to make so many things. I'm probably 3x your age and I struggle with so many simple things. Like how you just looped the end of the bracelet, I tried crimping it and it turned out terrible. But I also never thought to use as much wire as you have and it is much more elegant and colorful when there's more wire. Thanks again I'll show you a picture when I get one done.