Introduction: Messy..Easter..Egg

I had newspapers and a golden paint which was almost dried, and thought of doing something because I din't want to waste that paint. So I thought to make an egg out of it and I did it :)

Getting started with it

Materials Required:


2.PVC glue



5.Paint brush

6.Plastic egg or toy egg

7.Plastic cover

Step 1: Making of Paper Mash

Take a newspaper tear it into pieces. if you don't have newspaper any waste paper is fine.Soak them in water.

Make a mash out of it. Add on the fevicol which is used for general purpose to the paper mash.

Step 2: Making of the Egg Shell

When the paper mash is ready, take the plastic egg mold and cover it up with a plastic cover which is cut into small piece. Apply the paper mash evenly on to the egg mold and keep it aside until it gets dried up.

Step 3: Unmolding the Egg Shell

Basically the plastic cover is used so that the shell comes out easily. Remove the mold carefully and then take out the plastic cover.

Step 4: Adding on Chocolates and Completing the Egg

Paint inner side of the shell golden and keep it aside to dry. Here I have added gems you add any chocolates you wish to. Then take the other shell add glue to its edges and close both the shells together. If any gaps are seen then cover it up with the paper mash. Let it dry completely.

Step 5: Painting Up the Egg

For making of this I have used a golden paint which is almost dried, so it is a bit messy but you can use normal paints for making of it. So now paint up the egg.

Step 6: Done

Now the messy easter egg is ready which has a surprise inside. Hope you have enjoyed and will make one.

Thank you for reading:)

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