Introduction: Metal Gear Solid Sneaking Box

This tutorial will teach you how to make the iconic box from Metal Gear Solid.

Step 1: Cutting the Cardboard

You need to cut out 7 pieces.

1) 5 20x30 pieces

2) 2 10x30 pieces

Continue to the next step when you cut out every part.

Step 2: Putting Together the Cardboard

Use a mix of hotglue and tape for each piece.

1) Bend 2 30x20s at the 10 inch mark, so it can bend, one half being slightly taller

2) Glue 3 non-bent 30x20 pieces together, on the long sides of the cardboard

3) Glue the 2 bent 30x20 pieces on the front and back of the middle, in the position where the longer half is connected and the smaller half can bend freely

4) Glue the 2 10x30s on the sides of the box, on the long sides of the cardboard

5) Glue every corner except for the ones in the picture marked in blue, the back will be able to move freely

6) add tape on each part that you glued, to give it extra strength and giving it a little aesthetic

Step 3: Optionals

Here are optional things you can do to it!

Eyeholes on the front

Eyeholes on the top

Camo tape on the sides

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