Introduction: Metal Loom for Jewelry and Accessories

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If you love making jewelry and accessories, just like me ;-) , you will love my little invention.

It really helps and saves a lot of time.

Step 1: What Can You Do on Such Loom ?

I wanted my loom to be perfectly easy in action. You can make on it : necklaces, bracelets, belts and more.

You can use these techniques:


Weaving loom



loom bands

Step 2: What Do You Need for Metal Loom?

You need:

metal plate x 1

metal brackets x 4


metal washer with rubber

butterfly shape nut x 12

long screws about 10- 12 cm

little screws and nuts x 8

Step 3: How to Make Metal Loom?

First connect 2 metal brackets with each other next connect them with metal plate with the help of little screws and nuts. (first photo)

Install 6 long screws , add metal washer with rubber and buterfly shape nuts (second photo)

Step 4: How Does Ready Metal Loom Look Like?

Metal washer with rubbers hold perfect every kind of twines, ropes , ribbons, fishing lines ect.

Step 5: Optional

Additionally install 4 oblong metal plates and butterfly shape nuts to make embroidery much easier.

Step 6: How to Install Twine, Ribbon in Metal Loom ?

You can use metal loom to weaving accessories from almost every fabric

or to embroidery with little help of oblong metal plate

Step 7: How to Make Bracelet With the Help of Metal Loom ?

You need:

metal nuts
twine or anything you like

Step 8: All Easy Steps

Measure your wrist and cut right lenght of twine.

Create clasp to bracelet.

Slip metal nuts on twines and pin on twines to loom.

Weave according to the instruction on photos. (4th photo)

Weave more using macrame knot or according to the instruction on photos.

Step 9: How to Protect the Ends From Unraveling?

Protect the ends of synthetic twines or ribbons with the help of lighter.

In case of natural fabric use glue.

Step 10: Ready Bracelet

Voila! the bracelet is ready :-)

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