Metal Stamped Believe in Yourself Bracelet




Introduction: Metal Stamped Believe in Yourself Bracelet

Make this bracelet in less than an hour!

Step 1: Tools Needed

  • Green Girl Pewter Rectangle Stamping Blank
  • 7mm Jump Ring
  • Round Nose Pliers
  • (2) Chain Nose Pliers
  • Flush Cutters
  • Script Letter Stamps
  • Deco 1.5mm Uppercase Letter Stamps
  • Ergo-Angle Hammer
  • Steel Block
  • Stamp Straight Tape
  • Stamp Enamel
  • Polishing Cloth
  • 6-7" of chain
  • Clasp
  • (2) Beads
  • 6" of 20 gauge wire
  • Q-tip

Step 2: Apply the Stamp Straight Tape

Center Stamp Straight Tape horizontally on the pewter blank.

Watch the Stamp Straight Tape Video for more.

Step 3: Begin to Stamp

  • Using the Script font, stamp the word of your choice on the blank, aligning the first letter with the left side of the blank.
  • Align the bottom of the letter stamp with the top-line of the tape
  • Using the Ergo-Angle hammer, strike the stamp with medium force at a 90 degree angle

Watch Metal Stamping Basics for more.

Step 4: Move the Stamp Straight Tape

Place Stamp Straight Tape approximately 3mm below the script word.

Step 5: Use the Deco Letter Stamps

Using the Deco font, stamp the remainder of the phrase on the blank, aligning the last letter with the right side of the blank side of the blank.

Step 6: Continue to Stamp

Stamp the remainder of the phrase from right to left.

Step 7: Highlight the Stamped Word With Stamp Enamel

  • Use the Q-tip to ensure the enamel completely covers the impression
  • Wait 10-20 seconds
  • Blot with a soft cloth
  • Wipe away the excess stamp enamel with a soft cloth

See Stamp Enamel for instructions and tips.

Step 8: Make a Loop in the Wire

Using the round nose pliers, make a small loop in one end of the 20 gauge wire

Step 9: Thread Bead on Wire

Thread the bead onto the wire and cut the wire with the flush cutters, leaving approximately 1” of wire at the end.

Step 10: Make Another Loop

Make a loop on the other side of the bead and cut the excess wire using the flush cutters.

Step 11: Attach the Beads to the Stamped Pewter Blank With Jump Rings

  • Hold one pair of chain nose pliers on each side of the opening
  • Move the ends past each other to open and close the jump ring

Step 12: Assemble the Bracelet

Attach the chain and the clasp using jump rings.

Step 13: Check the Jump Rings

  • Make sure that the jump rings are closed securely by moving the ends past one another laterally.
  • You will hear or feel a “click” when the jump ring is closed properly.

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