Metallic Chocolate Decorations Using Tinfoil & Gold Leaf



Introduction: Metallic Chocolate Decorations Using Tinfoil & Gold Leaf

These chocolate decorations are a real showstopper and use simple tinfoil to create the texture and edible gold leaf for a little luxury. If you are investing in gold leaf, make sure to invest in good chocolate! the shapes and variations are endless, so get creative and have some fun.


  • heavy duty tinfoil (you can reuse it man
  • quality chocolate of your choice
  • melting vessel and spoon
  • small saucepan or frying pan
  • small metal cookie cutters
  • edible gold leaf
  • soft paint brush

Step 1: Create Tinfoil Texture & Temper Chocolate

  • Crumple up tinfoil, and flatten back out to leave some texture, but don't leave any really deep valleys or high peaks.
  • Temper chocolate according to chosen chocolate type.

I used 54% dark Callebaut chocolate callets in the photos. They temper easily by microwaving a small amount for 15 second increments until just warm enough to fully melt, with lots of stirring in between. Tempering is another Instructable topic all together. I used 3 tablespoons for the decorations shown.

Step 2: Create Chocolate Texture and Chill

  • Spread tempered chocolate onto shiny side of tinfoil and smooth. Aim for a 2-3mm layer.
  • Chill chocolate in refrigerator for a few minutes until set-up.
  • Carefully peel tinfoil back while lifting off set chocolate. Tinfoil can be reused many times.
  • Keep chocolate away from any heat sources. I have to be careful when my dishwasher is on, because the counter above it gets warm enough to melt chooclate!

Step 3: Cut Out Shapes

  • Place saucepan/frying pan over medium-low heat.
  • Warm a cookie cutter in the pan for 5 seconds. This should be enough time to heat the bottom enough to cut through the chocolate, but not enough to make it too hot to hold. I hold onto the cookie cutter while it is heating, so I can pull it out if the top starts to feel too hot.
  • Use cookie cutter to cut a shape out of the textured chocolate. If the chocolate is very thin, you may be able to cut out a couple shapes before the cutter cools down. With thicker chocolate, you will have to re-warm in between each cut. Make sure to wipe melted chocolate off the cutter with a cloth/paper towel before reheating, or you will chocolate on your saucepan.

Step 4: Add Gold Leaf

  • Carefully open up your edible golf leaf near the shape you want to decorate.
  • If your sheets are small, and a similar size to your shapes, you can invert the gold leaf onto the shape and pull away the paper. If your sheets are larger, use the brush to pull a section away and place it on the chocolate shape.
  • You can use the size of the soft brush to gently push the gold leaf into the textured surface of the chocolate.
  • You can also use a squeeze bottle to gently blow air onto the gold leaf and into the textured surface.
  • Be very gentle, as the tempered chocolate is very shiny and slippery and the gold leaf doesn't like to stick to it.
  • You can use a simple syrup (equal parts sugar and water by volume) brushed on the chocolate if you want a really dense metallic finish.
  • Store your decorations in an airtight container for as long as your chocolate is good for.
  • Use on cupcakes, cakes, tarts, or whatever delicious treat you can come up with

Enjoy !

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