Metalstamped Necklace




Introduction: Metalstamped Necklace

Create this textured pewter necklace in less than an hour!

Texture, stamp, enamel and wear!

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Step 1: Tools Needed

  • 15/16" Square Pewter Stamping Blank
  • 7mm Jump Ring
  • 18 Inch Ball Chain
  • ImpressArt Texture Design Stamps
  • ImpressArt 1.5mm Whimsy Heart Design Stamp
  • ImpressArt Texture Stamper
  • (2) Chain Nose Pliers
  • ImpressArt Script Letter Stamps
  • ImpressArt Ergo-Angle Hammer
  • Steel Block
  • ImpressArt Stamp Straight Tape
  • ImpressArt Stamp Enamel
  • Polishing Cloth
  • Q-tip

Step 2: Texture the Pewter Blank

  • Place the Brick Pattern design stamp in the Texture Stamper with the ImpressArt logo facing down
  • Place the pewter blank on the steel block
  • Strike the pewter blank with the texture stamper, repeatedly, until the pewter blank is textured

Watch the Texture Stamper Video for more

Step 3: ​Stamp the Word “love” on the Pewter Blank

  • Place the Stamp Straight Tape on the pewter blank where you want to stamp the word “love”
  • Align the bottom of the letter stamp with the top-line of the tape
  • Using the Ergo-Angle hammer, strike the stamp with medium force at a 90 degree angle

Watch Metal Stamping Basics

Step 4: Stamp Heart

Using the Ergo-Angle Hammer, stamp the Whimsy Heart design stamp under “love”

Step 5: Highlight the Stamped Word With Stamp Enamel

  • Use the Q-tip to ensure the enamel completely covers the impression
  • Wait 10-20 seconds
  • Blot with a soft cloth
  • Wipe away the excess stamp enamel with a soft cloth

Watch Stamp Enamel Video for more

Step 6: Use Two Pairs of Pliers to Open the Jump Ring

  • Place one pair on either side of the opening
  • Move the ends past each other

Step 7: Attach the Jump Ring to the Pendant

  • Thread the blank onto the jump ring
  • Thread the chain through the jump ring

Step 8: Close the Jump Ring

  • Hold the jump ring on each side of the opening with chain-nose pliers
  • Move the ends of the jump ring laterally to close it
  • Move the ends past one another several times
  • As the ends align, you will feel or hear a “click” as the ends touch

Step 9: Experiment With Other Design Stamps to Create Unique Textures

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