Introduction: Folding Bike - How to Create/ Put a Waterbotle Holder on a Mountless Frames.

This instructable aims to help people with ideas and tips to put waterbotle holders ins a folding bikes that dont have mount holes for it.
Materials needed:
-"L" shapped metal bracket 8cm ou 10cm(stainless is better, but metal will works to)
-110v Wall Driller with 5mm iron drill specifc head
-2 stainless stell allen head bolts with 4mm diameter and 8mm long and parlock whashers.
-1 stainless stell allen head bolt with 5mm diameter and 40mm long and parlock whashers.
-Black zip ties with 400mm long.
-safety glasses.
-working glove.

-Decatlon brand whaterbotle holder.
-Morse to hold the brackets while drilling

Step 1: Analisis of Frame Possibilities

This is my first instructable.
in this step, you must analize the frame scructure ans clearances for a waterbotle holder.
There are a few requirements to a good place in bike for a waterbotle holder, lets say:
1)that the place you find must not interfere with folding process.
2)waterbotle must be on a easy to reach place.
3)it cannot hit your legs while ciclying.
4) it must be strong to avoid rotate or falling.

With all those in mind, i build these litle how to with gearing and aproach ideas.
I would love to hear new ideas and aproaches, so fell free to coment and post photos.

the photos gives some ideas os aproaches

Step 2: Fixing the Holders - Placing Waterbottle Cages

once found the spot, the next step is choose how to fix the holder to avoid falling.
i use manly two methods:
1) waterbotle holder from decatlon
2) 10(or 8cm)cm L shaped stainless stell wall mount, from any hardware store

Step 3: Improving the Fixation

in any method you choose, i recomend improving tje fixation with plastic reteiners from any hardware shop

Step 4: Enjoy Longer Rides ;)

thats it, i hope you folks like, any sugestions is welcome