Introduction: Mexican Taco Dip

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For all of the people who love tacos but hate the mess, the Mexican Taco Dip is for you!  My grandmother brings this taco dip to birthday parties and family gatherings, and now it has become a tradition!  Everybody loves the dip, and within 20 minutes, it is usually gone!  Instead of having the tortilla, we use tortilla chips, and instead of scooping the ingredients into your taco, you just scoop it with your chip!

The idea of taco dip started last year while on vacation, We were having a Mexican themed dinner, and as a last second appetizer, my mom whipped up some taco dip and saved the day! (Well kind of!)

The dip is made in layers, and the ingredients are pretty easy to get.  Here they are.....

- Cream cheese
- Tomato
- Salsa
- Jalepenos (optional)
- Cheddar cheese
- Tortilla chips

There are other taco dip recipes out there, but this one is my personal favorite!

I was inspired to make this dip because....

- We wanted to keep our tradition, so we had it at my Dad's surprise party a few days ago
- My cousins and I love it!
- It is healthy! (Well not really!)

You should make this dip because....

- It is all the fun of tacos without the mess!
- It is usually a real hit, and party guests will be asking you for the recipe!
- It is delicious!

Whether you are going to a picnic, a party, or if you just want a snack, taco dip is right for you! 


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