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Hi guys back with a new project ,its a micro grinder/mixer .this project i first made at the age of 10 .as in india sugar are in granules so to convert it into powder in seconds i hav made one of this sugar dissolves fast in water etc.this mixer/grinder can also be used for mixing other ingrediants.


1)Glass bottle 2)DC motor 3)sharpener 4)pen refill 5)9v battery 6)superglue and some tools.

Step 2: Putting the HEART of the Project

1)Take the glass bottles cap and make a hole in the centre of it 2) Attach the motor towards the hole as shown in the picture.

Step 3: Blade Part

1) Take the sharpener and remove its blade with the help of screwdriver.

Step 4: Final Touch

1) Get the pen refill cut it to a size which can fit inside the bottle 2) Attach the refill to motor on one side and attach the blade to other side of refill 3) Glue all the parts firmly and disinfect every part.

Step 5: Finished Project

1) This mixer/grinder works great .Please do like share comment and check out my other cool projects..thankyou

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