Introduction: Micro Shelter for the Homeless

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This is my very first video. Please forgive me for anything I may have excluded in this build video.

So...I decided to build a high end micro shelter for someone in need. I've seen several of these built by very well meaning people. I thought I would just take it a step farther by making this shelter more like a true micro home. In the very near future I will be giving this shelter to a homeless person in need. Winter is just around the corner. I live in upstate NY and winters can get very harsh here. As you will see in the video this shelter is extremely well built. The idea is to have a place where a person can get out of bad weather and keep warm and comfortable.

I will be including with this shelter a low voltage electric heater, MRE's (Meal Ready to Eat), water, sleeping pad and sleeping bag, toiletries and SOLAR POWER. I also added to all four sides of the exterior motion sensing solar powered security lighting. This gives the occupant an added sense of security at night. I believe these are the basics a person needs to get by and survive and perhaps even better their life in some small way. There is a 12v TV and radio in the shelter. The awning windows are double pained. Just because a person is homeless does not mean they should not have some form of entertainment and comfort.

This hole project was built by myself and my daughter. The video captures the build from beginning to end.

Thank You!

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