MicroView CPU Usage + Temp Monitor

Introduction: MicroView CPU Usage + Temp Monitor

This project turns your Microview into CPU Usage and Temperature monitor. It is built with standard MicroView controls (Sliders). The idea was to build it as easy and simple as it is possible. Tutorial will show you how to make the same yourself to keep an eye on the current CPU status.

Step 1: MicroView Code

At the begining your MicroView needs a simple piece of software. You can grab it from Codebender's page:


Flashing your MicroView with Codebender is very easy - only a proper COM port needs to be set. When ready - just push "Run on Arduino" button a wait a few seconds.

Step 2: Data Source - Core Temp

At the beginning of this step we'll download and install a small app named CoreTemp ( version 1.06 at a time of writing this text), grab it from this page:


During installation please make sure that CoreTemp Remote Server is marked to be installed - see screenshot at the beginning of this step.

After installation feel free to test CoreTest Server by navingating to the page (that's default):

As a result you should get something similar to this:

{"CpuInfo":{"uiLoad":[1,4,3,1],"uiTjMax":[100],"uiCoreCnt":4,"uiCPUCnt":1,"fTemp":[33,32,33,31],"fVID":1.23278809,"fCPUSpeed":4389.484,"fFSBSpeed":99.760994,"fMultiplier":44,"CPUName":"Intel Core i7 4790K (Haswell) ","ucFahrenheit":0,"ucDeltaToTjMax":0,"ucTdpSupported":1,"ucPowerSupported":1,"uiStructVersion":2,"uiTdp":[88],"fPower":[21.2397079],"fMultipliers":[44,44,44,44]},"MemoryInfo":{"TotalPhys":16333,"FreePhys":9369,"TotalPage":16331,"FreePage":7294,"TotalVirtual":8388608,"FreeVirtual":8387988,"FreeExtendedVirtual":1,"MemoryLoad":42}}

Step 3: The Software

As an IDE for my software which will be pushing data into MicroView through the Serial port. I'm using Processing 2:


There's nothing special here, just install it and you're done.

I've attached a pde file to this tutorial, so you're ready to download and load it into "Processing 2" IDE. One thing you need to update is a proper COM port which your MicroView uses (see an arrow on the attached screenshot).

When ready push the Run button on the Processing IDE main screen. A small window should appear displaying current CPU usage and temperature and your MicroView should start to display the same values.

So, if everything works at this point feel free to Export your application and create an executable (attached). You'll find it at Menu/File/Export application. Sice you export it you'll be able to launch your app directly from the exe file without launching an IDE).

NOTE. I've attached a ZIP file containing a compiled executable for win32 and win64

Step 4: You're Done!

Well... we're done. As you've probably noticed CoreTemp shares some useful data about memory, cpu power consumption etc... so you can modify your code to display some other values. When in trouble feel free to ask me for help. I'll attach new source codes here.

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