Microwave Oreo Chocolate Cake



Introduction: Microwave Oreo Chocolate Cake

This is a very easy recipe

Step 1: Ingredients

3 oreos

pinch baking powder

30 grams dark chocolate

2 tablespoon milk

7ml water

1 tsp powdered sugar

Step 2: Making Ganache

add water into a saucepan.

add dark chocolate.

let it melt.

once melted let it stay on counter top overnight (covered in fresh wrap)

make balls and freeze.

makes 3-4 balls

Step 3: Making Oreo Paste

add 3 oreos in a grinder.

add pinch of baking powder

add 1 tsp sugar ( powdered)

powder it up.

add milk and whirl around

Step 4:

place it in your cupcake silicone liners. place your ganache balls.

microwave for 1 minute on 800 watts.


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